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150 Media Stream | Generative Public Art  |
Lobby Installation

Concept design, system design, custom software development, generative content production. Chicago's newest skyscraper at 150 North Riverside commissioned Leviathan to design a permanent content library for their 150' wide custom LED lobby installation. We designed an intelligent content library that continually transforms over time. With endless possibilities for real-time color, motion, and media input customization,150 Media Stream’s curators have maximum visual flexibility. Using generative algorithms, the system is programmed to reflect seasonal, monthly, weekly, daily and even real-time weather considerations. These tools, combined with a web scheduling system, ensure views of the installation remain visually enticing throughout every moment of the day. The backend built by Leviathan also supports linear and generative artwork from featured contributing artists, making 150 Media Stream a revolutionary public art installation, truly the first of it's kind.

Award: FWA of the Day

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U505 Submarine Dive Simulator | Museum of Science & Industry, Chicago

Game design & development, content production. Created a realtime submarine diving simulator for the world famous U505 exhibit at MSI.  Visitors can experience the thrill of diving a submarine, and try their hand at escaping attack.  With a variety of outcomes, users can escape, surrender, suffer detrimental damage, or lose the vessel at crushing depths.  Partnered with Luci Creative & Ravenswood Studios for fabrication and exhibit design. 

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Power | Starz | Title Sequence

Concept design, live action shoot, editorial, 2D & 3D graphics.  The opening title sequence for Starz' new hit series "POWER" juxtaposes a flashy glamorous life with the gritty reality of a drug kingpin.  Paired with subtext of chess pieces as the kings and pawns of this ruthless game, 50 Cent's new song "Big Rich Town" premiered with the sequence.

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BMW + Harman Kardon |
Dome Experience

Concept design, 2D & 3D animation, 360 dome render. For BMW's Ultimate Driving Event, agency kbs+ came to Leviathan to produce a 360 degree immersive dome show.  The show introduces guests to the BMW and Harman/Kardon brands with a spectacle of sight, sound, and luxury.

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John Deere | New Product Launch | Projection Mapping

Stage & concept design, 2D & 3D animation, live action, projection mapping.  We produced projection-mapped content for 45-minute product launch live opening show. From concept to final show, we dazzled the audience bringing to life a 200 foot wide stage at 8k resolution.

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Stella Artois | Product Release 

Concept, Design, modeling, 3D & 2D animation.  Stella Artois partnered with Leviathan to create a product release video for it's groundbreaking new counter top draught system, "Nova."  Clean and elegant, just like the Stella Artois brand.

password: beer


The Red Road | Sundance TV | Title Sequence 

Concept, Design, 2D & 3D animation.  :30 title sequence for SundanceTV's new hit television show "The Red Road."  A strikingly minimal yet powerful design leads us on an eerie journey of a simple red line. 


Jelly Belly | Broadcast Commercial 

Design, 3D modeling & animation. "Buttered Popcorn" is a cheerful CG vignette.  Partnering with Nice! Agency, it was prouced at Leviathan as part of a larger 4 -spot package.

Ronald McDonald House | Broadcast Commercial 

Color correction, online and finish.  Airing during the Super Bowl, this heart-warming vignette by DDB Chicago & The Filmworkers Club was well received by audiences all over the country.

This is just a sample of my work.  Want to know more? >>
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